Overlay Photo Booth Templates

Design elements and colors cannot be changed. Wording and dates will be customized for no charge. Contact Studio Veil for a template if you wish to design your own or if you would like us to design a custom overlay for you.

*Abstract Watercolor

*Banner Pattern

*Brushed Watercolor

Christmas Lights

Christmas Ribbon


Country Floral


Fall Pumpkins

Floral Rose

Gatsby New Year

Gold Leaf Marble

Modern Floral

Modern Fern

*New Years Balloons

*New Years Confetti

*Party Balloons

*Party Bunting

Pink Peony

*Rainbow Bunting


Rose Hexagone

Snowy Christmas

*Textured Watercolor

*Watercolor Border

Whimsical Fall

Whimsical Gold

Whimsical Winter

Winter Holly

Winter Trees

Yellow Floral

Custom Design