Ultimate Photo Booth Templates

Templates labeled with an (*) can be customized with your desired colors!
All wording and dates can be customized for your event!
Have a Logo? Let us know and we will add it!

Your Logo Options

*Abstract Watercolor

*Banner Pattern

Black and White Floral

Black & White Stamp

*Bold Type

*Brushed Watercolor


Christmas Ribbon

Christmas Lights

Country Floral


Fall Pumpkins

Floral Blooms

Floral Burst

Floral Sky

Gatsby New Year

Geometric Floral

Gold Leaf Marble

Gold Ribbon

Modern Fern

Modern Floral

New Years Balloons

New Years Confetti

*Party Balloons

*Party Bunting

Pink Peony

Rose Hexagone

*Rainbow Bunting

Rustic Burlap

Simple Floral

Snowy Christmas


*Textured Watercolor

*Watercolor Boarder

Watercolor Floral

Whimsical Fall

Whimsical Gold

Whimsical Winter

Winter Holly

Winter Trees

Yellow Floral

Custom Logo 1

Custom Logo 2

Custom Logo 3

Custom Logo 4

Custom Logo 5

Custom Logo 6

Custom Logo 7

Custom Logo 8

Custom Logo 9